Turmeric Latte (Pot of Gold)

Yesterday I attended my first Carbon38 event as an ambassador. For those of you who don’t know what Carbon 38 is, it’s a luxury active wear brand dedicated to empowering women. You can find the trindiest active and lifestyle brands including their own line of activewear (which is pretty dope I must say) on their website. Check them out here

Every month Carbon38 host events for their ambassadors where we come together to connect,  sweat our asses off and get to enjoy a little bit of spoiling from Carbon38. It’s their way of giving back and taking care of us trainers and instructors. This months event included a Kettlebell workout and Meditation hosted at Fitness Social with salads provides by JUGO Salad and Juice Bar, and of course some special goodies from Carbon 38 afterward  (shoutout to Carbon38 for keeping my threads fresh). Now, not only was this my first ambassador event, but it was also my first kettlebell class... EEK was I nervous! I suffer from horrible social anxiety but Dina and all the girls made me feel right at home and like I was part of this Carbon38 family since the beginning. I totally survived my first event... or so I had thought. Until I woke up this morning feeling a whole new level of sore muscles. So I hobbled straight to my kitchen and whipped up a Turmeric Latte to soothe those sore muscles and sing to my taste buds!


Keep reading for the deets and benefits:

Turmeric is a root know for its power anti-inflammatory benefits and has been used for centuries in Chinese medicine.  It’s active compound is called Curcumin and has been know to help fight and prevent disease.  

Beacuse of its anti-inflammatory benefits, it’s perfect for helping to soothe sore muscles after a long and hard workout. Here’s how I make mine:  

  1. 16 oz (approximately) almond milk or your favorite nut milk
  2. 1 1/2 tsp. Organic Turmeric  
  3. 1 tbst. Heavenly Organics Neem Honey  
  4. 1 tbst. Cocnont Butter. Coconut butter is high in healthy fats and since Curcumin is fat soluble this will help aid in your body absorption. 
  5. A pinch of pepper. Head here to learn why.  
  6. A dash of Tazo Organic Chai mix to mix things up a bit. Totally optional.

Blend well and poor over ice.  



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